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Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels - Spanish
Part 1


Part 1 of Introduction to Oral Proficiency Levels is designed to help Spanish language teachers:

  1. Gain an understanding of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Speaking.
  2. Evaluate the oral proficiency of Spanish language learners at all levels.    

This resource uses a modified version of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. The ACTFL levels characterize speakers in terms of the linguistic features they are able to perform at each level.

Part 1 can be completed individually or in a small group.

Organization of Modules

Part 1 contains seven modules and covers ACTFL Levels Novice Low to Advanced Mid. Each module includes 1 or 2 video interviews with Spanish speakers and guides teachers in viewing, analyzing, and assessing the video(s). Each video focuses on one level and one linguistic feature of the speaker that is associated with that level. For each module, you will be guided through these three phases:

1. Prepare to Observe         

This phase includes a description of one key linguistic feature associated with the proficiency level of the module and an explanation of how the interviewer’s questions are designed to elicit that feature. You’ll be prepared for what to listen for in the speaker’s response in order to evaluate the level of proficiency.

2. Evaluate the Interview

In this phase, you will watch the video(s) that illustrate the targeted proficiency level and key linguistic feature. This section includes prompts for you to consider various aspects of the interviewer’s role as well as the actual speech sample.

3. Analyze Speaker Performance 

In this phase, guiding questions will direct you in analyzing and reflecting on the performance of the speaker, particularly relating to the module’s key linguistic feature.